Different ways you can reach the Netent team

Netent is one of the world's top online portals to play casino games. The portal was established more than 20 years ago and offers about 200 games for you to choose from. You can log into topnetent-casinos website and start looking for games you like to play. Pick the game you want and you will be redirected to the casino that offers the game. All that is left is for you to enjoy playing. Netent offers active customer support for all players. Here are different ways you can connect to the team of Netent and reach them out.

Different ways of contacting Netent

There can be different reasons why you would want to reach out to Netent. The website works with a lot of entertainment providers who offer gaming solutions and services like training, hosting, and technical support for the players. Such potential clients can reach the sales team of Netent. If you are an investor trying to become a part of core team of Netent, you can email the team on [email protected] and get in touch with them. Websites like natation-gerardmer.com who want to become affiliates can contact the team through the email ID [email protected]. Apart from these, below are other ways to reach the team.

Apart from these, if you are a player and want to keep in touch with the latest games and offerings of Netent, then you can follow them on all their social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The team is quite active on all their handles and you can post queries, send them messages or ask them anything about the gaming platform in these places. It would also be a good idea to follow them on these social handles. That way, you will not miss out on any of the bonuses and offers posted by the gaming site.

Netent functions in different parts of the world and you can find their addresses mentioned on their website. They are located in cities like Stockholm, Malta, Poland, and London. They have detailed views of their location available on maps too and if you want to meet their team in person, it is easy to find their location in your local area. Netent is a highly proactive website. They constantly keep reaching out to all their stakeholders by publishing the latest news about their achievements, awards and other upcoming events. The website also publishes the latest financial reports regularly.

How do players get in touch with the team?

As a player, there can be different instances when you would want to get in touch with the customer support team of Netent. In such cases, you can enter the 'contact us' section of the website and fill in all your details. Details like your name, email ID and your query will be asked in this section. Once you have filled and sent your details, the team from Netent quickly reaches you out. The company is quite sociable and rushes in to answer all your queries with respect to technical bugs, suggestions, general enquiries or for other kinds of support.

Apart from the different ways of contacting the Netent team, you can also try reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section to understand the basics of online casino gaming and the different gaming terms you will encounter while playing. The website also answers most of your generic questions including those about bonuses and offers, the Return To Player (RTP) percentages that you can expect and the fairness of the different casinos the players choose in this section. Enjoy playing through Netent and contact them through all these above-mentioned ways easily. Choose Netent to play fair and trusted games from regulated online casinos.